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Packing List: Toiletries for Long Flights | including Zero-Waste Options

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

It's Departure Day and you're packing your toiletries in your clear quart-sized bag, but nothing is fitting! First, take out that shampoo bottle. Are you taking a shower on the flight? No. Then, it doesn't belong in your liquids bag. So, what should be in the 3:1:1 Liquids bag? Let me tell you, I'm Sarah from Saravventura, I've been on several international flights have perfected my 3:1:1 liquids bag. Here's how I changed my 3:1:1 liquids bag from shower crap to Poo-Pourri. Ask these 3 questions when you're choosing your liquids and you'll be happy you did so:

  1. Does it reduce the stink? - hygiene toiletries

  2. Is it hydrating? - hydrating toiletries

  3. Can I replace it with a wipe? - alternative toiletries to replace liquids

What is the 3:1:1 Rule from TSA?

Each passenger may carry liquids in travel-size containers that are 3.4 ounces. Each passenger is limited to one quart-size bag of liquids. Common travel items that must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule

​As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

As an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases, any of the links in the following blog are linked to relevant products on Amazon. All products listed are ones I have used, so please test any products you are planning to bring before your flight. If there are additional products you would recommend, please include them in the comments and I can add them to the blog.

1. Reduce the Stink

The first piece of travel advice I received in preparation for studying abroad back in 2006. "Change your clothes and freshen up about 1 hour before you land." Now almost 20 years later, 1 hour before we land, I take my "landing clothes" and my 3:1:1 liquids bag to the cramped bathroom and I freshen up.

"Change your clothes and freshen up about 1 hour before you land."

When you're packing toiletries for a long flight, the first question you should ask is does this liquid reduce the stink? A 5+ hour flight is a long time to be sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers and the last thing you want is to stink. It's almost unavoidable, unless you pack these stink-removing liquids.

Here are my amazon finds:

Toiletries for Long Flights | 1 hour before you land use these

Toiletries for before and after Long Flights

  • dry shampoo from Batiste (maybe don't use it on the plane but in the airport)

  • perfume Use only after the flight, not on the plane. I like this 3 pack from Le Monde Gourmand: Cotton, Pop, and Souffle.

Toiletries for Long Flights: Non-Liquid Options

Quick Tip #1 Use Deodorant spray (or powder) for your feet to reduce bacteria and sweat. This reduces the stink and blisters. Traveling for 24 hours is a long time for your feet to be in shoes.

2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Once I have all of my de-stinkify liquids, then I choose the hydrating liquids. The cabin air is recycled and dry and this is how I avoid drying up like a prune. Every time I use the bathroom, I bring my 3:1:1 liquids bag to de-stink, sanitize, and then I return to my seat and hydrate everything. My hands, face, elbows and even my eyes. Here are my favorites from Amazon, but always test anything you're bringing before your trip,

Toiletries for Long Flights | Use at your Seat

Toiletries for Long Flights: Non-Liquid Options

Quick Tip #2 Pack sheet masks to work around packing liquid face wash and lotions. You might feel silly, but don't worry I will sit next to you with a matching mask. ;)

3. Replace with Wipes

But what about the shampoo? Eventually, I want to shower, where are those toiletries? I replace those liquids either upon arrival or with a zero-waste option. I replace many of liquid toiletries for long flights with wipes and other eco-friendly alternatives. I start by searching for "zero waste toiletries" to find alternatives to the trave-size liquids. Here's what I have found on Amazon to replace some of the liquids above, so you can switch out what works for you. If there are other options you've found, please comment and I will add them to the list.

Toiletries for Long Flights | Non-Liquids, Solids, Wipes, Zero-Waste Alternatives

Quick Tip #3 Search for "Zero-Waste" and Plastic-Free and you will find a ton of alternatives to travel size toiletries.

Use this image and Pin this blog for later!

As always, if there are any products I missed or that you enjoy, please share them in the comments!

Thank you for swinging by, I hope this list was helpful! That was the 411 on the 3:1:1 Liquids Flight Bag and how I prioritize which liquids I take on my adventures.

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Sarah form Saravventura

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Oct 24, 2023

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