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Long Flight Packing List: Documents, Money, Phone

Let's prepare your documents, money, and phone for a long flight.

Tickets, Money, Passports

Every time I pack for a long trip, I am reminded of that scene in Absolutely Fabulous. Edina leaves for her trip to Morocco with all her suitcases. Closes the door, a second passes.

Then, she runs back in, yelling, "Tickets, money, passports! tickets, money, passports!" Nowadays all these things are on our phones, so I have changed this phrase to "Documents, Money, Phone!"

"Documents, Money, Phone! Documents, Money, Phone!"

This blog is how I keep everything organized when I go on long flights. First and foremost, I keep track of my documents money and my phone. My phone needs to stay charged, so I have access to maps, tickets, and other essentials for travel. This is what I keep a close eye on:

  • PASSPORT, VISA, DOCUMENTS - keep it on your person in a safe spot.

  • CASH - DOLLARS & EUROS - get Euros from your bank a few weeks ahead of your trip. Do not change money at the airport, the conversion rate is out the roof.

  • TICKETS - your phone probably will have an app with your ticket to verify it at the airport. You can also print out your boarding pass ahead of time. Keep digital and physical copies.

  • PHONE - keep your phone charged, review where everything is in your phone. Emails with your tickets. Backup your documents & information in secure digital and physical folders.

Get Euros from your bank a few weeks ahead of your trip.

I organize the essentials like this

I try to be quick on the draw, when I'm checking luggage, going through security, and then the border control on the way out. I had a lot going on this last long trip from the USA to Italy. I moved with my dog, so I had to keep an eye on her, while traversing through the airport. Keeping my essentials organized was paramount to my success. Here's how I organized everything, and kept on the ball.

  • BACKPACK - This backpack is what goes under my seat, and strapped on top of my rolling suitcase.

  • PASSPORT HOLDER - this one has sim card holders with a money slot. It's the move.

  • DOCUMENTS FOLDER - I moved with my dog, so her paperwork was extensive. Bringing an animal to a new country is a whole process that I will go into in a later blog. But this was the folder I used to organize her documents and mine.

I also bring my own power

Besides my own spiritual power, I bring my own power for my phone and all my other tech. I skip the converter and just bring compatible cords and a power strip with me. I cannot tell you how many hotel rooms and former apartments I almost lit fire to because I had the wrong converter. Literal electrical fires, because I was using too many items on one converter. Just buy compatible cords ahead of time and bring those.

  • POWER BANK- of all the power banks, INIU is the best. Thin & 10000 mAh (charge everything)


  • EARBUDS AUX - get a couple aux earbuds, because the planes are not as advanced as our phones. Some still ahve the double AUX (left and right) so they can sell you headphones. And no one wants crusty airplane headphones for long flights.

  • EU LAPTOP CORD - being able to quickly switch out to an EU cord for my laptop as soon as I arrive is a game changer. This one matches my laptop, but look for yours so you can charge anywhere.

  • POWER STRIP (EU) - the most invaluable thing that I brought with me. Forget a converter, just bring the right cords for your items and then a power strip.

  • USB WALL CHARGER (EU) - Layovers in the EU is exactly when my phone doesn't have enough power and that's when having a compatible wall charger on hand is crucial.

Thank you for swinging by.


Sarah from Saravventura

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